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June 1, 2024 

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The first two sections (01 - Introduction and 02 - Economic Extremes & All-Time Record Consumer Debt) are free to view. You may watch the introductory 1-hour video that's entitled Credit, Housing, and Family Trends and also take the first quiz offered in section 02 as a practice. Please sign up at no cost to gain access to the first two sections. 
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Rick Tobin

I have over 30 years' worth of experience with creative real estate investments, brokerage, and mortgage lending. I've also written real estate licensing, economics, mortgage, and marketing courses for the two largest real estate publishers in the U.S. as well as for two of the oldest real estate schools in California. To date, millions of my words have been published worldwide. 

If you're interested in obtaining your real estate license, I've written the residential and commercial real estate licensing courses in more than 25 states for the two largest real estate schools in America. You will learn about the basics of real estate agency and how to find clients or prospects as either an investor, buyer, seller, or future real estate licensee. 

I've also written "fix-and-flip" and creative seller-financing courses for some of the best-known real estate coaching programs in the nation that cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars to purchase.

Did you know that many of the real estate "gurus" who you see on television don't actually write their own courses? No, they hire ghostwriters like me to create it for them while they claim to be the author at the same time.

Many of these real estate "gurus" and their corporate team members collect millions of dollars' worth of profit while just promoting one or two basic types of real estate investing like wholesaling (flipping paper or assigning real estate purchase contracts) or "subject-to" the existing 3% mortgage rate purchase deals that I've been teaching others how to do for the past few decades.

My course will teach you many different creative investing strategies and effective ways to advertise, find distressed deals, and profit from the subsequent sales.  

I've also written real estate and economics textbooks for college students. I'm well aware of sales and digital marketing strategies that work effectively for the younger Generation Z and Millennial group members as well as for the older Generation X and Baby Boomers. 

Effectively, you're getting the equivalent of a college course, a creative fix-and-flip or seller-financing course (ex: subject-to purchases and recorded and unrecorded wraparounds), and a real estate licensing course all-in-one for the same low price. I will teach you both theory and what works today in the real world. 

I've had hundreds of articles shared nationwide for some of the most widely read real estate and investment publications. Here are a few of my articles that were published on multiple national and international platforms:

What's Your Blended Debt Rate?

Have Home Prices Peaked Yet?

Top 10 Housing, Financial, and Government Trends

The Lock-In Effect and Keys to Success

A 33-to-1 Vacant & Distressed Home-to-Listed Home Ratio

I was the most published individual author for Creative Real Estate Magazine over the period of 10 years. In fact, I was featured on the cover of Creative Real Estate Magazine under the title of "A Creative Financier" many years ago. This publication was in existence for almost 50 years and was perhaps the most highly-respected real estate investment publication in the nation.

Many of the most knowledgeable real estate "gurus" who had their own national seminars and television shows also wrote for Creative Real Estate Magazine. While you're more likely to know their names as of today, my articles were published much more often than any of them across the nation.  

I've appeared as the primary guest on television and radio shows and as the main speaker at many live and online events as well. 

I'm a graduate of the University of Southern California and have also held eight different real estate, mortgage, and securities licenses throughout my career. 

Are you ready to invest in your future? 
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